Dancing Classes

Hip Hop Dance | All Levels

Là Poles Hip Hop classes will get your groove on and swagger flowing! Our classes are high energy, fun and give you the freedom to find your style. You will learn a broad range of movements to some of todays favourite urban jams like Rap, R&B, Pop and Trap. Some movements include smooth transitions, poppin, locking and body isolations, these are just some of the elements that make up the Hip Hop genre. Join one of our classes today to find your flava!

Burlesque Dance | All Levels

Taking inspiration from the glamorous and sensual world of Burlesque this class will bring out your inner performer. Routines are constructed around the cornerstone elements of Burlesque and explore a variety of styles and time periods to increase each dancer's versatility. The class has a strong focus on fun and welcomes all levels and personalities. Embrace your inner Burly Girl and join us for bumps, grinds, shimmies and so much more! 

Lyrical Contemporary | All Levels

La Poles Lyrical Contemporary classes teach the interpretive combination of ballet and jazz styles, incorporating the fluidity of ballet movements combined with the quick and snappy movements of Jazz. It is a more graceful and slower form of dance, telling a story through expressive motions and control. 



Tap Dance | All Levels

Get your heart pumping and those feet a tapping with our all level tap dance class! Our tap dance class is so versatile and suitable for all levels. Our routines range from a slow, beautiful piece or a fast paced sassy number. You will learn the techniques of tap and work with different beats or create a counter rhythm to it, the options are endless!! Tap really is something that gets in your blood and a fabulous cardio workout. Get those happy feet ready and join the fun!