Pole Dancing

Pole Dancing Studio

Pole Princess | Beginners

Your first step into pole dance addiction!! In this level you will learn moves focused on building your strength and confidence. No experience is necessary and if you think you won’t be strong enough or co-ordinated enough then think again! Remember we all started at beginner level.

Pole Duchess | Intro to Intermediate

So now you have had a taste of pole and no doubt you’re loving it, so now let’s take things to the next level and turn your world upside down. In this level you will be perfecting your beginner moves, learning more impressive spins and tricks and going upside down.

Pole Empress | Intermediate 1

By now everyone is wondering who are you? And where did all this strength and confidence come from? You will be learning more complex upside down moves, lots of spins and transitions, there will be a strong focus on building your strength to progress to the next level whilst naturally having a tonne of fun.

Pole Warrior | Intermediate 2

By now you are completely at ease at being upside down and spinning. We will continue to work on increasing your strength & flexibility and you will be constantly challenged by new moves and transitions. You are becoming fully hooked by now and one class is probably not enough!!

Pole Slayer | Intermediate 3

Hello Pole Addict, Yes you can’t get enough. Your fitter, stronger, and more flexible and you will be doing aerial moves that you thought only possible from the ground. No doubt by this stage you will have some wonderful pole kisses and you have made some beautiful friendships. In this level you will be learning some cool moves and combos like leg switches, aerial ballerina and Superman.

Pole Queen | Pre Advanced

Your are now Queen of the pole!! There will be a strong emphasis on strength and flexibility, harder combo’s and moves like Humming bird, Jade split and preps for aerial shoulder moves. You will find that you will be taking more classes a week and more addicted than ever!

Pole Goddess | Advanced

It’s time to learn some really cool tricks. You will be learning drops, hold splits and challenging combo’s, not to forget the impressive handspring!!